RSR Ltd. is a representative for Bulgaria of the following companies:

ABBOTT (USA) – manufacturer of glucometers and test strips

SD Biosensor Inc (South Korea) – manufacturer of glucometers and test strips

MEDTRONIC Diabetes (USA) – manufacturer of insulin pumps and consumables for them

Ypsomed AG (Switzerland) – manufacturer of needles for insulin pens

MEDTRONIC (USA) – manufacturer of:

  • medical equipment;
  • consumables for endovascular surgery (vascular, neurosurgery and cardiac surgery);
  • spinal implants;
  • respiratory and monitoring systems.

Medacta (Switzerland) – manufacturer of joint prosthesis systems

MedSkin Solutions Dr. Suwelack (Germany) – manufacturer of leather substitutes for collagen base

Argentum Medical (USA) – manufacturer of bandages for the treatment of difficult to heal wounds with a high silver content

Darco GmbH (USA) – manufacturer of unloading shoes for diabetic foot

ConvaTec (USA) – manufacturer of:

collectors for colo-, ileo-, urostoma and accessories therefor;
modern dressings for wound healing.
P. J. Dahlhausen & Co. GmbH (Germany) – manufacturer of general hospital consumables

Cardinal Health (USA) – manufacturer of medical supplies

Fresenius Kabi AG (Germany) – manufacturer of drugs, paraenteral solutions, enteral food, medical devices and equipment

ConvaTec Unomedical (USA) – manufacturer of medical supplies for anesthesiology and resuscitation

ZOLL Medical Corporation (USA) – medical device manufacturer – defibrillators and respirators

Vygon (France) – manufacturer of medical supplies for neonatology, pediatrics and anesthesiology

Lumenis (Israel) – manufacturer of medical equipment for laser surgery

Rocamed SAM – manufacturer of consumables for endourology and equipment

B. Braun Melsungen AG – manufacturer of consumables for endourology, instruments for conventional and endosurgery

Asahi intecc – manufacturer of medical supplies for invasive cardiology and endovascular neurosurgery

Bausch AND Lomb – manufacturer of intraocular lenses, consumables and equipment for ophthalmology

AJL Ophtalmic – manufacturer of intraocular lenses and consumables for ophthalmology

Teknomek – manufacturer of consumables for ophthalmology

Leica Microsistems – manufacturer of medical equipment

Mediworks – manufacturer of ophthalmology equipment

Nestle S.A. – manufacturer of baby food for babies and young children with special medical needs

UST Pharma Ltd – importer of dietary foods for special medical purposes

Milestone (Italy) – manufacturer of equipment for histology, anatomy and forensic medicine, video recording systems for operations, autopsies, dissections, etc.

3DHistech (Hungary) – manufacturer of canisters for microscopic preparations, tissue microarray systems

CAE (USA) – manufacturer of simulators and models for medical training

3B Scientific (Germany) – manufacturer of simulators, models, equipment and teaching aids for human and veterinary medicine, anatomy, biology, chemistry, physics and earth sciences

Microptic (Spain) – manufacturer of automated systems for sperm analysis in human and veterinary medicine

Walter Uhl (Germany) – manufacturer of optical measuring systems and microhardness testers

Biochrom (UK) – manufacturer of Vis and UV / Vis spectrometers, colorimeters, ELISA readers, washers and thermostats

Velp Scientifica (Italy) – manufacturer of Dumas nitrogen / protein analyzers, Kjeldahl decomposition / distillation systems, oxidative stability reactors, Soxhlet extractors, fiber analyzers, COD / BOD analysis systems, cooling thermostats, small laboratory equipment

Mettler Toledo (Switzerland) – manufacturer of pH / Ion / DO / Cond meters, electrodes, sensors, buffers, electrolytes and standards, portable densitometers and refractometers, jewelry, jewelry and carat scales

Ohaus (Switzerland) / division of Mettler Toledo Group / – manufacturer of electronic technical, precision and analytical scales, calibration scales, hygrometer scales, laboratory centrifuges, shakers, shaker incubators, block thermostats, etc.

Evoqua  (Germany) – manufacturer of laboratory systems for clean and ultrapure water

Binder (Germany) – manufacturer of thermostats (incubators), CO2 incubators, dry sterilizers, dryers, air chambers, vacuum dryers, ultrafreezers

Nabertherm (Germany) – manufacturer of muffle, pipe, circulation, vacuum, melting, high temperature, etc. furnaces

Liebherr (Germany) – manufacturer of laboratory and professional refrigerators and freezers

Faster (Italy) – manufacturer of vertical and horizontal laminar boxes, microbiological laminar boxes class II, fireplaces for cytostatics, chemical fireplaces, ultra-freezers

Systec (Germany) – manufacturer of laboratory autoclaves and media

SMEG (Italy) – manufacturer of laboratory and medical automatic dishwashers, laboratory refrigerators and freezers

Elma (Germany) – manufacturer of ultrasonic cleaning baths, steam jets and detergents

Kinematica (Switzerland) – manufacturer of laboratory homogenizers, mixers and mills

Lauda (Germany) – manufacturer of water baths, cooling, heating, circulating and calibration water thermostats, mono and bidistillators, shakers and shaker incubators, hybridization incubators

Bürkle (Germany) – manufacturer of equipment and tools for sampling, storage and transportation of samples, pumps and small laboratory tools

3M (USA) – manufacturer of personal protective equipment, consumables for hygiene and sterilization

Carl Roth (Germany) – manufacturer of everything for the laboratory